new ~ “Way Beyond Monochrome” – now available !
by Ralph Lambrecht and Chris Woodhouse

In the words of one reviewer, “this book is a tour de force, with a unique blend of practical, pictorial and technical information for the discerning monochrome worker”. This book took 3 years to research and write. It combines forgotten knowledge with leading edge research, coupled with an emphasis on the image, perception and practical experimentation. The book has over 300 pages, with 250 pictures and 210 technical illustrations.

new ~ Analyser 500
Our new Analyser for Ilford Multigrade 500H heads (opposite) has arrived. Originally a one-off, many other customers have shown an interest to upgrade their 500C/CPM controllers.  This meter / timer can meter to 1/12th of a stop and 1/10th grade and directly controls the 500S transformer to give split grade exposures, test strips as well as our patented greyscale display.coming soon ~ Stopclock 500
Out shortly, for those of you who do not require the sophistication of a meter, Stopclock 500 is an F-stop timer for the Ilford Multigrade 500 system, with simplified controls for grade control, burn-in exposures and test strips. Grade control is to 1/10th grade. A simplified version with 0.5 grade jumps will be sold by Lightwave Servicing.

new ~ Digital Print Profiling
The acquisition of a Macbeth Eye-1 calibration meter allows for dedicated ink / printer / paper profiles to be measured and directly control print output from Photoshop and other ICC saavy imaging programs.

DISC1.5  Digital Imaging System Calibration
DISC1 is a set of tools and comprehensive instructions that guide you to better hardware and software set up, enabling you to scan, edit and print with confidence.  It is now in it’s MK 5 version. At this moment the product is available from RH Designs, Ffordes Photographic, Firstcall and directly from KT Photonics.  Technical support is given for registered customers via email / website.

new ~ Process Timer
A complete new design.  This has a number of unique features:

With 10 process steps for each of 8 programs, footswitch control, programmable beeper, agitation reminders, dual intensity display and a choice of battery or mains power. It has a built in thermometer and factorial timing for print development compensation timing for film development.This last feature is a favourite of ours, it has great uses for Zone System and temperature adjustments:new StopClock Vario
Designed as a modern replacement for the Metrolux and Zone VI timers, this timer measures the light intensity of the cold cathode light source and modifies the exposure time to give you a constant exposure result.  Now being shipped with new Zone VI enlargers, iis suitable for a number of cold cathode head enlargers.  It has a unique capabilty to be programmed to ensure that the compensated ‘second’ counter approximates to real time.