Darkroom and Digital Imaging Products

Gloomy Darkroom

There is a strange consumer attitude to darkroom products. Unlike the latest digital camera, one cannot show off a darkroom meter at the Christmas party, but the amount of effort to design, manufacture and advertise darkroom products is the same as say, the latest photographic meter. I have always find it curious that an individual will buy a camera meter for £300, which is seen as an ‘essential’ piece of kit, but shies away from the price of a sub £300 darkroom meter! If like me, your time in the darkroom is precious, one of our meters or timers will make it more productive and enjoyable too.

Way Beyond Monochrome

In a new venture, Ralph Lambrecht and I have written a landmark work on practical monochrome printing. Over the years we have had an increasing frustration with the dumbing down and recycling of how-to articles in journals and the lack of in depth analysis of techniques. Notable exceptions are Tim Rudman’s excellent series and overseas, the work of Ctein and Phil Davis. The outcome is ‘Way Beyond Monochrome’ which we feel has a unique blend of pictorial work, technical depth, new research and practical projects.

You can also order DISC1, Inkjet Print Profiling and signed copies of the new monochrome reference ‘Way Beyond Monochrome’ direct from KT Photonics 🙂